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Favorite Websites

Too much is never enough, so if you’re looking for more good motorcycle stuff on the web, here is a list of some of our favorite sites.

» Looking for a map that is virtually indestructible and also has a lot of motorcycle-specific information, such as the best roads in the state? Butler Motorcycle Maps has you covered. Right now they only have a few states available, but Colorado is one of them.

» I recently joined the Motorcycle Travel Network, which is a group of riders who agree to share their homes with other riders on their motorcycle journeys. They bill themselves as "The Only Bed and Breakfast Network for the Traveling Motorcycle Enthusiast."

» Motorcycle Maniac is another site that is loaded with great Colorado roads and places. You’ll definitely want to check this one.

» Another Colorado site of interest, particularly to anyone riding a Victory motorcycle, is the Palmer Divide Victory Riders.

» If you’re planning on doing some serious traveling, here is a website where you can contact hundreds of travellers around the world and ask questions on just about anything: Horizons Unlimited.

» Here’s another fun, interesting, motorcycle-related website. Go ride with Tank. He’s in Ohio and his site gives you some good information in case you’re going to be riding there.

» If you’d like to see some especially good photos from a motorcycle trip in Colorado, check out Dan Wolf's site.

» Redleg is a blogger who rides so much I wonder where he gets the time. Fortunately for us all, he writes about his rides and includes some great pictures.

» Colorado Chaps is a small, Colorado business making high quality chaps for bikers, horsemen, and anyone else who needs them. Their fleece-lined chaps are especially nice for winter riding.

» ABATE of Colorado offers motorcycle rider training and fights for the rights of motorcyclists.

» Kevin Morris is a guy who runs a blog at He has some interesting posts so you might want to check him out.

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