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Independence PassJust saying it conjures images of high mountain passes, deep river canyons, and spectacular motorcycle riding. As well it should. Every tantalizing description of Colorado that you've heard is true. Come see for yourself!

The goal of Passes & Canyons is to guide you to Colorado’s best motorcycle roads and help you find what you need when you get there, whether it’s motels, campgrounds, bike repair, rallies — you name it. We also offer recommendations of tour companies, motorcycle and scooter rental outlets, and anything else we can offer to be useful to you. Use this site to plan great motorcycle trips in Colorado. Zoom in on the maps to see the details, or follow the links to the part of the state that interests you.

Motorcycle Colorado – Passes & Canyons is participatory. If you know of a terrific stretch of road, a restaurant worth recommending, or anything else that belongs on the site, let us know about it. Those sorts of things generally go into the Passes & Canyons Blog, along with my own writings and ruminations on all things motorcycle and the occasional guest post. We also welcome stories of your rides and motorcycle trips.

We’ve got a good bit of this site built out now, but there’s still more to add. Most recently we've been adding some good unpaved roads on our Dirt Roads and Side Trips in Colorado page. For all the great paved roads there are many more unpaved ones, some rough dirt, others decent gravel. If you feel like really seeing the wilds you'll want to check these out. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for now, check back later. Or send us an email, , and we’ll try to make it a priority. In the meantime, check out some of the best places you’ll ever find for your next two-wheeled vacation.

Where Are You Headed?

Click on a spot on the map for some of our favorite areas to find a great ride! You may also use the small map grid on each section page to move from section to section:

1: Dinosaur5. Grand Junction 9. Montrose 13. Durango Use this grid to navigate the sections of the state.
2. Steamboat Springs 6. Aspen 10. Gunnison 14. Alamosa
3. Fort Collins7. Denver 11. Colorado Springs 15. Walsenburg
4. Fort Morgan 8. Limon 12. Lamar 16. La Junta


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What’s New on Motorcycle Colorado?

» By request I have added grid numbers on the Motorcycle-Accessible Campgrounds page. This should help those less familiar with Colorado to grasp where in the state each of these campgrounds is.
» I finally got a page set up for Guanella Pass. This road was only paved in the last couple years but now there's no reason not to take any bike up and over.
» I've added a page for the campgrounds along the Guanella Pass Road and links to them from the Motorcycle-Accessible Campgrounds page.
» Got some new state line pictures down in the southeastern part of the state. You'll find them on both the Lamar area page and the La Junta area page.

Motorcycle Colorado Faves

Too much is never enough, so if you’re looking for more good motorcycle stuff on the web, here is a list of some of our favorite sites.


One other item I hope will be helpful is this list of rider training organizations around the state. Motorcycle fatalities have been increasing in recent years but statistics show that riders who have been trained are far less likely to end up in fatal accidents.

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Grid 1: Dinosaur Area Grid 2: Steamboat Springs Area Grid 3: Fort Collins Area Grid 4: Fort Morgan Area Grid 5: Grand Junction Area Grid 6: Aspen Area Grid 7: Denver Area Grid 8: Limon Area Grid 9: Montrose Area Grid 10: Gunnison Area Grid 11: Colorado Springs Area Grid 12: Lamar Area Grid 13: Durango Area Grid 14: Alamosa Area Grid 15: Walsenburg Area Grid 16: La Junta Area