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Great Motorcycle Roads – Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Twin Lakes, Fairplay, Silverthorne, Georgetown

Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Twin Lakes, Fairplay, Silverthorne, GeorgetownThis section of Colorado has more good motorcycle roads packed close together than anywhere else in the state. Highlighted in the map below you’ll find links to Glenwood Canyon, McClure Pass, Independence Pass, Tennessee Pass, Fremont Pass, Hoosier Pass, Loveland Pass, Berthoud Pass, and US 285 over Kenosha Pass and across South Park.

So what's the scoop on some of these? Glenwood Canyon may be interstate but the canyon is perhaps the most gorgeous in the state. It's worth hitting a little superslab. If you go up through Aspen and beyond you'll cross over Independence Pass, which is itself one of the best passes in the state. Taking McClure Pass you get to see the backside of the Maroon Bells, the iconic mountains that appear in so very many photos from Aspen.

Tennessee Pass and Fremont Pass both bring you up from I-70 to Leadville. Tennessee Pass is the prettier of the two but they both have their attractions. Further to the east, Hoosier Pass goes up from Breckenridge and drops down to Alma and Fairplay in an area called South Park. (Yes, that South Park.) Berthoud Pass carries you over from I-70 to Winter Park. And U.S. 285 comes out of Denver over Kenosha Pass and drops you into South Park at its east end.

Loveland Pass is an alternate route to going through the tunnels on I-70. It takes longer but passes like this are the reason you came to Colorado, aren't they?

For those with a camping bent, most of the highlighted roads have good, motorcycle-accessible campgrounds. As the heart of Colorado's tourist region, hotels and motels abound.

As with all of these sectional maps, you can click at the edges and corners to shift to the adjoining portion of the map; or click on the grid diagram above.

Glenwood Canyon McClure Pass Independence Pass Tennessee Pass Fremont Pass Loveland Pass Bethoud Pass Hoosier Pass Kenosha Pass and South Park Fort Collins area Colorado Springs area Denver area Montrose area Gunnison area Steamboat Springs area Dinosaur area Grand Junction area

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Grid 1: Dinosaur Area Grid 2: Steamboat Springs Area Grid 3: Fort Collins Area Grid 4: Fort Morgan Area Grid 5: Grand Junction Area Grid 6: Aspen Area Grid 7: Denver Area Grid 8: Limon Area Grid 9: Montrose Area Grid 10: Gunnison Area Grid 11: Colorado Springs Area Grid 12: Lamar Area Grid 13: Durango Area Grid 14: Alamosa Area Grid 15: Walsenburg Area Grid 16: La Junta Area