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Motorcycle-Accessible Campgrounds in Colorado

Camping when you're traveling on your motorcycle is a bit more tricky than when you’re in a car, but it can certainly be done if you bring the right gear. Then the issue arises of taking your laden street bike over rough roads to get to the campground. There are other campgrounds along some of these roads but they have not been included because getting to them might be tough on a bike not intended for dirt.

The Colorado campgrounds featured here are all guaranteed to have good roads leading into and through them. This list is not all-inclusive (yet!) but it will grow as time permits. You can help by sending any information you have about any campsites in Colorado that are not included but should be.

To get a visual idea as to the location of these campgrounds, go to the sectional maps of the state and look for the campground icons along the highlighted roads. KOAs and other private campgrounds are not listed.

Just FYI, some of this information may be out of date. It is my intention in 2017 to update all of it. Till then I suggest you check before coming to make sure a particular campground is open. Due to federal budget cuts, the US Forest Service has closed some campgrounds.

Then, just for a little more assistance, I'm adding grid indicator numbers to each of these so those less familiar with the state will more easily see where each of these groups is. The grid numbers are based on this grid:

1: Dinosaur5. Grand Junction 9. Montrose 13. Durango Use this grid to navigate the sections of the state.
2. Steamboat Springs 6. Aspen 10. Gunnison 14. Alamosa
3. Fort Collins7. Denver 11. Colorado Springs 15. Walsenburg
4. Fort Morgan 8. Limon 12. Lamar 16. La Junta


Campgrounds along US 40 over Berthoud Pass (Grid 7)

» Idlewild Campground
» Mizpah Campground
» Robber’s Roost Campground

Campgrounds along county roads over Cottonwood Pass (Grid 10)

» Cold Spring Campground
» Collegiate Peaks Campground
» Granite Campground
» Gunnison Mountain Park Campground
» Lakeview Campground
» Lodgepole Campground
» Lottis Creek Campground
» North Bank Campground
» Rivers End Campground
» Rosy Lane Campground

Campgrounds along CO 17 over Cumbres and La Manga Passes (Grid 14)

» Aspen Glade Campground
» Mogote Campground

Campgrounds in the Deckers area along CO 67 and CO 126 (Grid 7)

» Colorado Campground
» Kelsey Campground
» Lone Rock Campground
» Painted Rocks Campground
» South Meadows Campground

Campgrounds along CO 65 over Grand Mesa (Grids 5 and 9)

» Jumbo Campground
» Spruce Grove Campground
» Island Lake Campground
» Cobbett Lake Campground
» Little Bear Campground

Campgrounds along the Guanella Pass Road (Grid 7)

» Clear Lake Campground
» Guanella Pass Campground
» Geneva Park Campground
» Burning Bear Campground

Campgrounds along CO 82 over Independence Pass (Grids 5 and 6)

» Difficult Campground
» Lakeview Campground
» Lost Man Campground
» Twin Peaks Campground
» Parry Park Campground
» Weller Campground
» White Star Campground

Campgrounds along CO 145 over Lizard Head Pass and nearby (Grid 13)

» Matterhorn Campground
» Mavreeso Campground
» Sunshine Campground
» Telluride City Campground
» West Dolores Campground

Campgrounds along the Peak-to-Peak Highway (Grid 3)

» Cold Springs Campground
» Kelly-Dahl Campground
» Olive Ridge Campground
» Peaceful Valley and Camp Dick Campgrounds

Campgrounds along CO 14 in Poudre Canyon and up Cameron Pass (Grids 2 and 3)

» Ansel Watrous Campground
» Aspen Campground
» Aspen Glen Campground
» Big Bend Campground
» Big South Campground
» Chambers Lake Campground
» Dutch George Campground
» Kelly Flats Campground
» Mountain Park Campground
» Narrows and Lower Narrows Campgrounds
» Sleeping Elephant Campground
» Stove Prairie Landing Campground

Campgrounds along US 40 over Rabbit Ears Pass (Grid 2)

» Dumont Lake Campground
» Meadows Campground

Campgrounds along CO 149 over Slumgullion and Spring Creek Passes (Grids 9 and 10, and 13 and 14)

» Silver Thread Campground
» Marshall Park Campground

Campgrounds along US 24 over Tennessee Pass (Grid 6)

» Camp Hale Campground
» Hornsilver Campground

Campgrounds along US 34 over Trail Ridge Road (Grid 2)

» Green Ridge Campground
» Stillwater Campground
» Sunset Point Campground
» Timber Creek Campground

Campgrounds along U.S. 160 over Wolf Creek Pass (Grids 13 and 14)

» Highway Springs Campground
» Park Creek Campground

Miscellaneous Campgrounds

» Almont Campground along CO 135 between Gunnison and Crested Butte. (Grid 10)
» St. Charles and La Vista Campgrounds in the Lake Isabel Recreation Area, along CO 165 (Grid 15)
» Blacktail Creek Campground along CO 134 over Gore Pass (Grid 2)
» Colorado River State Park, Island Acres Campground along I-70 near Grand Junction (Grid 5)
» Kenosha Pass Campground along US 285 over Kenosha Pass (Grid 7)
» Lake Dillon Campgrounds near Frisco and Silverthorne (Grid 6)
» Monument Lake Park Cabins and Campground along CO 12 over Cuchara Pass (Grid 15)
» Redstone Campground along CO 133 on the north side of McClure Pass (Grid 6)
» Rincon Recreation Site Campground along US 50 in the Arkansas River Valley (Grid 11)
» Round Mountain Campground along US 24 over Wilkerson Pass (Grid 11)
» South Mineral Campground along US 550 over Red Mountain Pass (Grid 13)
» Turquoise Lake Campgrounds just west of Leadville (Grid 6)

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A tent, a boat, a chair and your bike... what a life! Colorado has a wealth of motorcycle-accessible campgrounds.

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