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Gore Pass

Gore Pass, elevation 9,524 feet, doesn’t get the traffic that Rabbit Ears Pass gets because it is somewhat out of the way, but hey, that’s what motorcycle touring is all about, taking the route less traveled and glad to be rid of the traffic. This pass over the Gore Range connecting Toponas on the west to Kremmling and US 40 on the east. You can get to Toponas from Steamboat Springs by heading south on CO 131, so if you're continuing east on US 40 from Steamboat, Gore Pass is a good alternative route.

Blacktail Creek Campground

The road was newly resurfaced in July 2006 and one National Forest campground is open along the way, Blacktail Creek Campground. Gore Pass Campground is currently closed.

Here are some photos along the Gore Pass road, going west to east:

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos; arrow through; click large image to close.

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